1-day tuna specialist, salmon, halibut, and bottomfishing charter boat located on Float 8 in Westport, WA.

2018 Trips

All prices include bait, fishing gear, and sales tax. License required for all fishing trips.

Payments - A credit card will secure reservations until the day of the trip, except for albacore and halibut which must be prepaid in advance (see below). Payments will be made on the boat prior to departure with credit card, check, or cash! We encourage cash! If you no-show the morning of your trip, your card will be run.

Cancellation Policy - Salmon, rockfish & lingcod, and combo trips require a 14 day cancellation or a 50% deposit will be charged to your credit card unless the space can be filled.

Fishing gear - You are welcome to bring your own fishing gear, but we don't allow braided line of any kind unless it's for halibut or deep-water lingcod fishing.

Impairment - Anyone who shows up drunk or impaired will not be allowed on the boat, and will not be refunded. There are no exceptions!

Albacore tuna

Hook-Up! The blue water tuna grounds are a unique world, and one you need to experience! World class albacore tuna fishing awaits 30 to 60 miles off the Washington coast in August, September, and at times, July and October as well. These remarkable fish are hard fighting, delicious, and beautiful. We are Westport's 1-day trip specialists! Early booking recommended due to high demand. Albacore trips must be prepaid (credit card, check, or cash) by June 1st, and are non-refundable unless your space can be filled.

Price: $440.

Filet fee: $4 per fish.

Departure time: 3:00 AM


We get a few days in early May (Sundays and Tuesdays) to target these delicious fish in 500' to 750' of water about 35 miles off of the Washington coast. We fish for lingcod after we catch our halibut limit. Early reservations required due to limited offering and high demand. Halibut trips must be 100% prepaid 30 days (credit card, check or cash) prior to the departure date and is non-refundable unless your space can be filled.

Price: $300.

Filet fee: $4 per fish.

Departure time: 4:30 AM


Fish-on! The excitement of a beautiful Chinook (king) or slippery Coho (silver) salmon on your line is what made Westport the "Salmon Capitol of the World." Come and catch these incredible fish!

Price: $140 on weekdays and $150 on weekends.

Departure time: 6:00 AM June - August; 6:30 AM September

Rockfish & Lingcod

The delicious rockfish and the tasty and battling lingcod are the targets on these exciting trips! Lingcod fishing has been incredible the last few years, and seems to be getting better! Rockfish are plentiful as well.

Price: $140 on weekdays and $150 on weekends, July through September.

Filet fees: $6 per rockfish limit and $2 per lingcod.

Departure time: 7:00 AM March - April and September; 6:30 AM June - August


This is a great trip if you want to fish for rockfish and salmon, but just have one day to fish! We allocate about half of the day to rockfish and the other half to salmon. We will be offering the trips on Mondays and some Sundays when salmon season is open and some other dates on requests.

Price: $210.

Filet fee: $6 per rockfish limit.

Departure time: 5:30 AM

For details, availability, and to make reservations, call Gold Rush Charters at 1-360-591-9044.